About Us

We all know writing and/or being a writer can be a lonely business

We all know writing can be a lonely business. Many a late night spent with just the cat for company and a half drunk mug of cold coffee, stuck to your pile of notes. During the day stories fill your mind whilst you're at work, or shopping, or out with friends.  Characters pop into your head whilst you're buying coffee and you wonder if they would buy that same brand.

You get 'eureka!' moments that hit just as your brain settles down to sleep, causing you to sit up, turn the lamp on (to much muttering the other side of the bed) and jot your ideas down in that little notebook on your nightstand before they vanish forever while you sleep, never to be remembered in the morning.

Only other writers understand this.

Welcome to New Eastbourne Writers where other like-minded, understanding creative souls will sit and listen as you ask, 'Do you ever get the point in a story where you just don't know what your main character is going to say?', to which you will hear plenty of uh-huh's and yep's and stories will be shared, dilemmas discussed and possible points of view procrastinated over. We chat on our Facebook page and arrange meet-ups locally in coffee shops and cafes.  On Twitter, we retweet things that you might need to know, important links etc and on our website, we share writer's writing, events, and local writing workshops.

Eastbourne is full of writers, authors, and poets and no matter how diverse our writing styles and the genres we write in, we all have one thing in common, and that is a true love of writing.

If you think that groups of writers are stuffy and scary, and not somewhere you would feel comfortable, then we are very happy to be an exception to that rule. We are a very friendly group of writers, many of whom come because the cafe style, more informal approach to our passion is what they want, and feel most creative and comfortable in. All are welcome to come along to our meetings, so come along and make some writer friends!


Want to know when we’re going to meet up?